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About us

We were founded on the 19 December 1903 ‘to promote the development and maintain the well-being of Classical studies’ and from the beginning our members have come from all walks of life. Our presidents have included a poet, a zoologist, a publisher and a singer as well as eminent academics and two prime ministers. With this aim in mind and this variety of people engaged in achieving it, it is no surprise that today our activities are as diverse as our membership.

Through the network of local branches, the CA supports Classics in local areas through school reading competitions, play readings and outings to places of Classical interest. We provide conference bursaries and often contribute to major academic projects. As well as producing three academic journals a year, we also produce a biannual newsletter which provides a forum for serious debate and some light-hearted fun. Finally, our annual conference provides an opportunity for professional academics and students alike to meet and swap ideas and again, partake in the occasional day out!

Today the Classical Association is the largest Classical organisation in Great Britain. It has a worldwide membership, and unites the interests of all who value the study of the languages, literature and civilisation of ancient Greece and Rome.

What's on...


Details of the bursary schemes available for CA2015 in Bristol are now available here.

We're recruiting! We're looking for an assistant secretary to join our Watford office. For details and how to apply, see here.

For occasional articles and other news of Classical interest, don't forget to check the CA blog!